Lake Country – 3.5″ Red Waxing Pad

The Lake Country Orange 3.5″ Hybrid Pad has earned its status as a long-time favorite. Ideal for cutting in cooler climates, this pad also serves as a light cutting option in warmer temperatures. Its foam adjusts to heat during the polishing process, delivering excellent cutting ability with a polished finish.


Lake Country – 3.5″ Red Waxing Pad

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Introducing the Lake Country 3.5″ Red Hybrid Finishing Pad – a softer alternative to the HYBRID Black, offering a slightly larger cell structure for optimal residue control during cleaner wax or All-in-One (AIO) polish applications.

Enhanced with innovative features, the Lake Country Force Discs redefine the detailing experience. With a low 11/16″ (1.75cm) profile, these discs provide exceptional handling, precise control, and outstanding performance.

Crafted with a hybrid foam specifically designed for small cells and a dense structure, the Lake Country Force Discs securely grip the abrasive pad, resulting in reduced machining time and heightened gloss. The unique sloping design at the back of the pad serves a dual purpose – safeguarding the backing plate from paint contact and ensuring consistent pressure on the pad.

Pad Dimensions:

  • Diameter: 76 mm (3½”)
  • Thickness: 17.5 mm (11/16″)
  • Maximum Plate Diameter: 125 mm (3″)
  • Easy mounting on the base with a reliable sticker.

Elevate your detailing game with the Lake Country 3.5″ Red Hybrid Finishing Pad and Force Discs – a dynamic duo designed for efficiency, control, and a brilliant finish.


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