Motorhome Detailing & Protection

A trip in your motorhome is a chance to connect with the outdoors and enjoy the country’s beautiful sites. But it also means your motorhome accumulates plenty of dirt, grime and dust during your road adventures. Unit-11’s motorhome detailing cleaning and protection services will help get your trusty road companion sparkling clean again.

We know how difficult it is to clean every nook and cranny of your motorhome. That’s why we’ve designed our motorhome cleaning and protection services with a scientific approach to deliver a meticulous clean inside and out.

Our motorhome detailing, cleaning and protection service utilises the best detailing and cleaning products and techniques. This comprehensive process allows us to guarantee getting the interior and exterior of your motorhome as close to new as possible again. 

What to Expect from Our Motorhome Detailing and Cleaning Service

Roof Cleaning

Regular roof cleaning is essential to protect the integrity of your motorhome’s roof. Our motorhome cleaning session includes a thorough inspection for sealing or caulking damage, and the removal of dirt and grime from your vehicle’s roof. We’ll also treat any chemicals or materials that can cause corrosive damage on your motorhome’s roof. 

Exterior Wash & Wax

This step in our motorhome detailing service is essential for protecting your motorhome’s exterior. We use high-pressure washers and premium products to remove dirt buildup. Quality wax will protect your motorhome’s bodywork, including conditioning and polishing, to prepare it for the long road days again.

Bug Removal

Bug infestation of your motorhome can eat away at your vehicle’s coatings and paint. It’s important to remove these unwanted insects as soon as possible. That’s why our motorhome cleaning and detailing services include dedicated bug removal and control treatments. 


Mould and mildew can build up in your motorhome’s awning. Unit-11’s 360° motorhome detailing and care involves using sustainable chemicals to treat mould and mildew. We can also re-proof the fabric. 

Tyre And Wheel Cleaning

The result of every new adventure in your motorhome is often felt the most by its wheels. That’s why we pay special attention to the dirt and grime build up in your motorhome’s wheels. Our experienced detailers will use the latest tyre and wheel cleaning products to remove every piece of dirt. As part of our motorhome protection guarantee, we can also apply ceramic coating to your wheels — for protection from harmful UV rays, dirt and grime

Interior Detailing

When you’re on the road, your motorhome becomes your bedroom, study, and personal space, all rolled into one. We understand the importance of a super clean motorhome interior and approach this task with all the seriousness it requires. Our expert detailers at Unit-11 will work their way through your vehicle, from the top down. We start at the vents before moving on to the ceiling and then the walls. 

Ceramic Coating: Protection for Your Motorhome

Unit-11’s motorhome detailing and protection services extend to ceramic coating for your vehicle. Ceramic coating is an industry-grade polymer solution designed to protect your home on wheels from any paint damage. Ceramic coating is a more protective option than waxing because it creates an extra hydrophobic layer that protects your motorhome’s paintwork from road debris, stone chips, and the elements.

Our motorhome detailing teams know the complexity of installing ceramic coating on a vehicle of such size. That’s why we do it all by hand, with a scientific approach that guarantees silky-smooth results. We’ll deliver a high-quality ceramic layer that will protect your motorhome against dirt, grime and water marks. Your vehicle’s clear coat will remain, and the high-quality ceramic coat won’t break down, even under persistent rainy and stormy conditions. 

One of the best purchases I've made with my Motorhome. Ceramic Coating makes cleaning so easy and it still looks brand new a year later. Thank you!

Protects Against Harmful Ray

As an experienced motorhome detailing provider in Kent, we fully understand the damaging effects of UV rays on your motorhome’s paintwork. That’s why we only use high-quality ceramic coating with chemical properties preventing the oxidisation and dulling of your vehicle’s paint. 

Prevents Chemical Stains

Rising environmental pollution equals contaminants in the air which can damage your motorhome’s paint. Our ceramic coating for motorhomes will prevent similar contaminants from bonding with your vehicle’s paint. 

Easier Motorhome Cleaning

Motorhomes are big, and it can often be a challenge to fit all that surface area into a day’s wash. A ceramic coating layer makes it simpler to wash your vehicle as it repels water, grime and dirt. These materials will simply bead on the surface and easily slide off with a jet stream of water. 

Glossy Look

Our professional detailers at Unit-11 know how to deliver a glossy look with ceramic coating. Your motorhome will look sleeker and shinier than ever before. We have the experience and knowledge to bring the best out of your vehicle’s paintwork.

Interior Protection 

Our advanced ceramic coating technology creates a durable and protective barrier on a variety of hard surfaces, such as countertops, tables, floors, and cabinetry. This innovative coating forms a hydrophobic layer that repels liquids, oils, and stains, ensuring that your motorhome’s interior remains resistant to everyday wear and tear. We can also treat carpets and upholstery without changing the colour yet making it waterproof and stain resistant. 

Shower & Wet Room Ceramic Protection 

Moisture in motorhomes can be a real issue. We apply ceramic coating to all areas in your motorhome that are exposed to water to ensure they clear down with ease and stay cleaner for longer. 

One-Stop Motorhome Detailing and Protection in Kent

Unit-11 offers a cleaning and detailing service for your motorhome. We specialise in cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Our motorhome protection services also cover tar spot removals, buffing & scratch removal, wheel treatments and paintwork correction.

We have access to the latest innovations in protection for your motorhome. Our expertise includes sealant treatments, fabric protection for your vehicle’s interior, waxing, ceramic coating and paint protection film for your motorhome.

Unit-11’s motorhome detailing service includes a finishing treatment step to deliver extra shine and glow for every surface of your motorhome, including: bodywork, rims, windows and windshields. We’ll apply a special coating to form a durable shield against UV rays, snow, bird droppings and other contaminants on the road.

We may also recommend anti-bacterial ceramic coating for the inside of your motorhome. This way, we ensure your motorhome stays cleaner for longer and is simpler to maintain.

Contact us for custom detailing and protection requests for your motorhome or to book an appointment at the shop in Kent.