Leading Provider of Ceramic Coating in Kent

Unit-11 offers the latest techniques in the application of ceramic coating on various vehicles. We have a wealth of ceramic coating and car detailing experience and knowledge which allows us to adapt our process to suit all makes and models of vehicles. No matter the job’s complexity we’re the first choice for all your ceramic coating needs, guaranteeing inch-perfect results.

Our highly qualified detailing team will deliver a high-gloss finish that reveals the true beauty of your vehicle’s paintwork, while protecting it from external damage. Our method has been relentlessly tested, evaluated and refined, so that we can provide a superior ceramic coating service for your vehicle. 

We offer a unique formula for ceramic coating application in Kent, a super-resilient bonding ceramic delivering high-performance protection without needing multiple layers. Its natural repelling properties will keep your car cleaner for longer and make it easier to wash.

We are accredited by Gtechniq, a very well known product brand within the detailing industry. We are one of just a handful of companies who can apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra thanks to our highly skilled team with decades of experience who have been extensively trained in correct product application.

Our Range of Ceramic Coating Options for Your Vehicle

Ceramic coating is a semi-permanent chemical polymer that bonds with your vehicle’s paintwork, creating a new protective layer on your vehicle’s paint. Unlike waxing and other detailing methods, it won’t wash away or break down, nor does it require repeated application, making it a durable solution for enhancing and maintaining your vehicle’s appearance. This extra layer of protection can remain in place for up to 9 years, depending on your vehicle usage habits, and is a long-term protective solution for every part of your car, from its paintwork, glass and alloy wheels to its interior.

Exterior Ceramic Coating

Premium ceramic coating for your vehicle’s exterior provides a robust protective shield for the bodywork, vinyl wrap or paintwork, preventing dirt, grime, and stain marks from ruining the appearance and value of your car


Over time, the quality of your unprotected vehicle’s exterior reduces with exposure to sunlight, acidic contaminants and grime. At Unit-11, we counter that effect with a powerful ceramic coating that’s resistant to fading and dulling, combined with harnessing superior hydrophobic properties for cleaning ease. 

Interior Ceramic Coating

Our interior Ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties that protect leather, fabric, plastic and rubber surfaces inside your vehicle making these areas resistant to liquids, dirt buildup, water damage, UV damage and more. Stain-causing substances and spills simply bead up and roll right off your upholstery, protecting the interior of your car from everyday life.

A recommended interior service for anyone wishing to keep their car as clean as possible, and particularly worthwhile if you have a leather car interior as ceramic coating prevents your leather seats and features from accelerated weathering causing dryness and cracks, while also protecting against scuffing and stains.


Ceramic Coating for Wheels

Here at Unit-11 we also provide integrated ceramic coating for all kinds of wheels and rim finishes, including: polished, gloss, custom work, matte and satin. One of the highest affected areas of your car for road grime and environmental contaminants, ceramic coating for your wheels will ensure they look fresh while also reducing the effect of UV damage, dirt and chemical etching.

Ceramic Coating For Windows & Glass

Windows and glass can be coated to ensure visibility in wet weather conditions remains high. The anti smear technology means wiper blades are more efficient. 

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