Leather Repair

As the newly appointed main dealers and installers for GEIST leather products in Kent, we’re thrilled to offer a service that transcends traditional leather care and repair. GEIST, renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, aligns perfectly with our ethos at Unit-11. Together, we bring you a leather care service that not only restores but rejuvenates, ensuring your vehicle’s interior reflects the same level of perfection as its performance.

Why Leather Care Matters

The interior of your vehicle is more than just a space; it’s an experience. Leather, with its luxurious feel and aesthetic appeal, plays a pivotal role in defining this experience. However, over time, leather can lose its lustre, becoming worn, cracked, or stained. Proper care and repair are crucial not only to maintain the beauty and comfort of your vehicle’s interior but also to preserve its value.

Comprehensive Leather Assessment

Every piece of leather tells a story, and understanding its condition is the first step in our process. Our experts conduct a thorough assessment to identify issues and determine the best course of action.

Precision Leather Repair

From minor scuffs and scratches to more significant tears and burns, our skilled technicians utilise GEIST’s advanced repair solutions to seamlessly restore the integrity and appearance of your leather.

GEIST Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Using GEIST’s premium range of leather cleaners and conditioners, we meticulously clean your leather interiors, removing dirt, oils, and stains, while nourishing the leather to restore its softness and resilience.

Colour Restoration & Dyeing

Fading and discolouration are no match for our colour restoration services. We expertly match and apply GEIST dyes to rejuvenate your leather’s colour, achieving a flawless, factory-finish look.

Why Choose Unit-11 & GEIST?

Unmatched Expertise: Our technicians are not only trained but passionate about leather care. Their precision and attention to detail ensure unparalleled results.

Quality GEIST Products: As main dealers for GEIST, we use only the best leather care products available, known for their effectiveness and eco-friendly formulations.

Customised Solutions: We understand that every vehicle and its owner has unique needs. Our services are tailored to provide personalised care, ensuring satisfaction.

Sustainability Commitment: Both Unit-11 and GEIST are dedicated to sustainable practices. Choosing our services means opting for environmentally responsible leather care.

The Unit-11 Difference
At Unit-11, we believe in excellence in all we do. Our leather care and repair services are designed to exceed expectations, providing you with an interior that’s not just repaired but revitalised. Our partnership with GEIST enhances our ability to offer you the latest in leather care technology and products, setting new standards in automotive interior maintenance.

A: Our team can address a wide range of leather issues, including scuffs, scratches, tears, burns, stains, and fading. Using GEIST's advanced repair solutions, we can restore your leather to its original condition or better.

A: Yes, GEIST products are formulated to be safe and effective on all types of leather, including delicate and premium varieties. They're eco-friendly and designed to nourish and protect your leather without causing harm.

A: The duration of the service depends on the extent of the damage and the specific treatments required. Minor repairs may be completed within a few hours, while more extensive restorations could take a day or more. We'll provide a more accurate timeline following our initial assessment.

A: Absolutely. Our colour restoration process involves custom-mixing dyes to match your leather's original colour precisely. Whether it's a common hue or a unique custom colour, we ensure a seamless match

A: We recommend regular cleaning with a soft, damp cloth and the use of GEIST leather conditioners to keep the leather soft and protected. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. We'll provide specific care instructions based on your leather's condition and the services performed.

A: Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work. Unit-11 offers a warranty on all leather repair services, covering both the craftsmanship and the materials used. The exact terms will be outlined at the time of service.

A: Currently, all leather care and repair services are conducted at our state-of-the-art facility to ensure the highest quality outcomes. We do offer a collection and delivery service for your convenience.

A: Booking is easy. You can schedule your service by contacting us directly via phone, email, or through our website. Our team will discuss your needs, provide an initial consultation, and arrange a convenient time for your service.

A: Definitely. Maintaining or restoring the condition of your vehicle's leather interior can significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal and comfort, contributing positively to its overall resale value.

A: Our partnership with GEIST, combined with our skilled technicians' expertise, allows us to offer unparalleled leather care solutions. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, tailored services, and sustainable practices sets us apart in the automotive care industry.