Flat Micro Hook Interface Pad – 3″ – 2 Pack

  • Precision Leveling
  • Flat Micro-Hooks Technology
  • Efficient Paint Removal
  • Optimized Abrasive Technology
  • Anti-Clogging Technology


Flat Micro Hook Interface Pad – 3″ – 2 Pack


Achieve Optimal Surface Smoothing with 3D Interface Pads for ACA Flex Sanding Discs!

Tailored for use with 3D ACA Flex Sanding Discs, our 3D Interface Pads are crafted to strike the ideal balance with medium-density foam rubber. This design effectively smooths out oscillating actions while ensuring a level surface, allowing you to efficiently sand only the high points until they align with the surface’s low points.

Featuring flat-style micro-hooks on the sanding disc side, these pads offer robust attachment strength and virtually eliminate horizontal torsional movement. The result? A sanding disc that remains consistently flat against the surface, minimizing any undesirable “wiggle” between the interface pad and the disc. This seamless connection transfers the sander’s oscillating action precisely to the paint surface, ensuring a notably flatter sanding action focused on the high points.

Using non-3D interface pads poses a risk of decreased sanding disc performance and increased pigtails. Thick or soft foam interface pads, along with the wrong style hook, can compromise the leveling process by abrading both high and low points simultaneously, wasting time and paint.

The 3D Interface Pad, designed for use with 3D Flex Sanding Discs, allows the sanding disc to selectively abrade only the highest points. This targeted approach enables you to remove orange peel while preserving more of the lower-level paint, optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste.

Avoid falling into the misconception that all hook-and-loop styles are equivalent – they’re not. The 3D Flex Sanding Discs are meticulously tuned and optimized for use with the 3D Interface Pad. When it comes to sanding your car or a customer’s car, cutting corners is not advisable.

Key Features

  • Semi-flexible foam interface pad with flat micro-hooks for precise cutting action.
  • Utilizes Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology for uniform size, shape, hardness, cutting, and breakdown.
  • Anti-clogging technology prevents the cementing of paint dust to the disc’s surface.

What is it?

Introducing our semi-flexible foam interface pad featuring a flat micro hook design on one side of the sanding disc, providing a precise cutting action. Crafted with advanced Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology, this disc ensures uniform grain size and placement for controlled cutting and breakdown. The anti-clogging technology prevents the cementing of paint dust to the disc’s surface, ensuring optimal performance. Upgrade your sanding experience with this innovative disc for efficient and effective results.

What It Does?

Maintains a flat surface between the sanding disc and the paint surface, reducing the risk of pigtails during sanding on flat and curved body panels.

When to Use It?

Ideal for any situation where you want to remove orange peel or other surface textures to achieve a flawless finish.

Why Choose 3D Interface Pads

3D sanding discs, paired with our interface pads, prioritize leveling efficiency on orange peel high points. The Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology ensures uniformity for a smooth, long-lasting cutting process on any dual-action sander. This uniformity translates to a more consistent and shallow sanding mark pattern that buffs out quickly while preserving more paint on the car. Trust in precision – choose 3D Interface Pads for your sanding needs!


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