ACA Flex P1500 3″ Orange Sandpaper Disc – Box of 50

  • Advanced Abrasive Technology
  • Uniform Shallow Sanding Marks
  • Versatile Application
  • Anti-Clogging Technology
  • Exceptional Value and Performance


ACA Flex P1500 3″ Orange Sandpaper Disc – Box of 50

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Introducing 3D P1500 Flex Sanding Discs – Precision Crafted for Superior Results

Unlock a new level of refinement with 3D P1500 Flex Sanding Discs, meticulously engineered for optimal performance in your automotive surface restoration process. Crafted with our exclusive Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology, these superlative fine-cut sanding discs are designed to seamlessly follow an aggressive sanding step, such as our 3D P1500, ensuring a smooth transition from P1500 sanding marks to P1500.

Key Features:

Advanced Abrasive Technology: Our proprietary Alpha Ceramic Alumina abrasive technology sets these sanding discs apart, offering a unique combination of particle size, shape, hardness, and cut engineered for unparalleled performance. We control every aspect, from raw materials to finished product, ensuring a consistent and effective sanding experience.

Uniform Shallow Sanding Marks: The precision-engineered abrasives create a uniform, shallow sanding mark pattern, streamlining the sanding process. This not only expedites the buffing stage but also facilitates a smoother, more even surface, ultimately enhancing the final finish.

Versatile Application: Ideal for use after an initial sanding with 3D P1500 discs, these P1500 discs excel in refining sanding marks. Additionally, they stand as a standalone solution for addressing minor orange peel, matching factory orange peel, leveling surface texture, or addressing minor paint imperfections.

Anti-Clogging Technology: Our discs feature a proprietary anti-clogging technology that prevents the unwanted build-up of paint particles, reducing the risk of pigtails. This technology ensures prolonged cutting efficiency, allowing you to complete a full body panel sanding with just one disc on average.

Exceptional Value and Performance: 3D P1500 Flex Sanding Discs offer superior value and performance. With our in-house developed abrasive technology, precise particle placement, and anti-clogging features, these discs outshine other options on the market, promising efficiency, ease of use, and consistent results.

Elevate your sanding experience with 3D P1500 Flex Sanding Discs – where innovation meets excellence in automotive surface restoration.

What is it?

It is a fine grit sanding disc designed for use with an orbital sander.

What does it do?

Its primary function is to swiftly and effectively level orange peel and other surface textures, creating a smoother and more consistent surface that is ready for compounding.

When do you use it?

This sanding disc is used either after the initial sanding with 3D P1500 discs to further refine the sanding mark pattern or independently when there is minimal orange peel to address. It is also suitable for light sanding on fresh paint to match factory orange peel on adjacent panels or to correct minor surface imperfections.

Why use 3D P1500 Flex Sanding Discs over other options?

Choosing these sanding discs over alternatives offers several advantages. The abrasive technology is exclusive, developed from scratch with control over size, shape, hardness, cut ability, and breakdown time. This control results in a sanding mark pattern that is shallow and uniform, facilitating faster and easier buffing while keeping temperatures lower.


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