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Posted on : December 30, 2023

Ultimate Guide: Wheels and Tyres Maintenance & Upgrades

Within the realm of vehicle maintenance and care, the vital importance of understanding tires and wheels often goes underappreciated. As numerous types of tyres exist, it’s crucial to grasp their distinct attributes, including all-season, winter, summer, and performance tyres. Each tyre carries particular functions and distinct suitability for varying vehicles and conditions. The wisdom of tyre care, entailing regular assessments for tyre pressure, tread depth, alignment, and rotation, significantly affects tyre performance and longevity. Aiding one’s comprehensive understanding of wheels and tyres, this discussion also delves into potential upgrades, detailing the influences of elements like size, material, design, and tyre type on the overall ride quality, handling, and aesthetic flair of your vehicle.

Understanding Different Types of Tyres

“The World of Tyres Decoded: Discovering Their Types and Specific Applications”

Let’s dive right into that misunderstood and often overlooked aspect of our beloved chariots – tyres. C’mon, don’t pretend you haven’t taken them for granted. At Unit–11, where almost three decades of experience in car paint, care, and restoration has grown us old, but thankfully not obsolete, we’d love to uncover the exciting world of tyres for you in a manner that’s informative, engaging, and possibly a tad whimsical.

First off, let’s pull up our socks and get into the immediate business – summer tyres! Designed for maximum grip and stability in warm weather, these babies quite literally live for the sunshine – sort of like your colleague who leaves five minutes into the office Christmas party. Their unique structure enables greater responsiveness, fuel efficiency, and extended lifespan, making any English summer drive – a jolly good one. Now, if only they could hold on to a cocktail and wear sunglasses…

Switching gears, let’s take you into the snowy realm of winter tyres. These chaps are specially devised to tackle the mean streets during the colder half of the year – operating best at temperatures below 7°C. Producing better grip on both wet and dry roads, these frost-loving, slush-handling lifesavers reduce the risk of skidding and collisions while you drive – just like your mum saying, “Drive safe, dear!” every time you step out the door.

For those of you who enjoy a spot of weather uncertainty, all-season tyres are the order of the day. These jack-of-all-trades are designed to combine the features of summer and winter tyres. Rain, shine, or a bit of Scottish whim – all-season tyres have you covered. They are the friendly neighbourhood superhero of tyres!

Last on deck today, but certainly not the least, are the performance tyres. At Unit–11, when we’re not refurbishing cars or showing off our Gtechniq car care products, we do like to imagine riding these ‘performance beasts’. Specifically engineered for speed and handling, these optimise cornering force and provide top-of-the-line keeping capabilities, they’re akin to sprinters on steroids.

Remember, the right tyre for the right season and proper maintenance, goes a long way in ensuring not just your safety but also extends the overall life of your vehicle. There’s a reason why we trust Gtechniq ceramic coatings and Suntek PPF for car care here at Unit–11 – we bet on the best so you can drive with confidence.

So lads and lasses, next time you glance down at your wheels, remember the secret life and purpose of your humble tyres. Give them a nod and a smile because they do loads more than just roll around. And if you’ve got any more curiosities itching at ya, drop by to see us at Unit–11 for a chinwag or a look-see at what we do. It’ll be our absolute pleasure to have you!

An image of different types of tyres displayed on a rack

Tyre Care and Maintenance

Keeping your tyres in Top-Notch Shape: A Twist of Wisdom & Wits!

So, we’ve had a chinwag on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of tyres and how they can wear the crown in your vehicle’s kingdom, right? Well, now let’s cut to the chase and talk turkey on the ‘hows’. The maintenance bit, if you will. You’re here, presumably because you fancy your ride and you want to show it some love. Now, everyone loves a hero that comes to the rescue, and that’s what we at Unit–11 are here for!

Tyres 101 folks, let’s jump right into the juice of the matter.

  1. Monitor Your Tyres’ Pressure: It’s fundamental, yet so often brushed under the carpet. Regularly check your tyre pressures, including the spare one. Low tyre pressure is the sneakiest of villains, causing reduced fuel economy, lack of vehicle control and quicker tyre wear. Don’t let this invisible nemesis spoil your drive!

  2. Rotate Your Tyres: Keep rotating your tyres every 6,000 miles, or sooner if irregular wear occurs. This’ll aid in evening out the wear, thus, giving your tyres a longer and healthier life.

  3. Balance Your Tyres: Tyres and wheels may not be perfectly balanced due to minor imperfections. Over time, this imbalance can cause uneven tyre wear and vibration issues. Regular balancing helps to ensure a smooth ride and extended tyre life.

  4. Keep an eagle eye on Tread Depth: Keep your nose to the ground, or rather, tyre to the ground, checking tread depth frequently. A shallow tread means less grip in slippery conditions. Remember, in the world of tyres, tread is life!

  5. Correct Alignment: Correct alignment is crucial. Improper alignment can lead to uneven wear and impact how your car handles. If your ride veers on one side or the steering wheel vibrates, you may have an alignment issue, so don’t dilly-dally to get it checked.

  6. Say ‘NO’ to Overloading: Ah, we all love some extra luggage, but your tyres won’t thank you for it. Be mindful of your vehicle’s loading capacity to prevent excess wear and potential tyre damage.

Now here’s the kicker: while all these tips work fabulously, nothing beats professional help to ensure your tyres are utterly tip-top. Don’t worry, we’re not just here to deliver sermons. At Unit–11, with our whopping 30 years of experience, we are poised to roll up our sleeves and dive right into your car troubles.

Speaking of the experts, let’s talk about our secret sauce: Gtechniq car care products. A bit like Batman’s utility belt, they’re our go-to gadgets for providing terrific tyre and overall car care.

Seeking a shield to guard against the perils of the road? Enter Suntek PPF. It’s on guard duty 24/7, taking the brunt of road debris or harsh weather conditions, so your car doesn’t have to.

So, people, let’s pop the bonnet, or rather, let’s hit the road! Have a gander at Unit–11 and see where the rubber meets the road for your car care needs!

An image showing the process of checking tyre pressure, rotating tyres, and balancing tyres, representing the tips mentioned in the text.

Wheel and Tyre Upgrades

Now that we’ve got your gears grinding about the importance of the right tyres for each season and the need for proper maintenance, it’s time to steer the conversation towards upgrading your wheels and tyres. And, like trying to change a flat tyre with a tablespoon, mate, it’s not as simple as it might seem!

In your quest for car excellence, you might have your eyes set on those glossy catalogues boasting the latest shiny alloys or enviable performance tyres. But wait, hold your horses, friend! As the pros over at Unit–11, we advise you to consider a few crucial points before you splash out on that exciting upgrade.

Quality, my dear reader, is as important as a well-timed joke at a funeral (okay, maybe not). But seriously, shoddy wheels and tyres are no laughing matter. Cheap ones can compromise safety and performance. So, be prepared to shell out a bit on top-quality wheels and tyres. We at Unit–11 only deal in superior class, with the likes of Gtechniq car care products and Suntek PPF, and our wheels and tyres are no different.

Size is another crucial aspect to consider. Big might sound impressive, but the wrong size can affect your ride quality, fuel efficiency, braking ability…even your speedometer reading! So, remember, when it comes to size, aiming for the Goldilocks zone – not too big, not too small – is key. Your tyre fitter, if he knows his onions, can guide you on the suitable size for your vehicle.

Material, ya see, is another thing you can’t overlook. Do you want light and shiny, or do you prefer the strong and resistant type? Alloy wheels, though lightweight and great for fuel efficiency, could be more prone to damaging. Steel rims, on the other hand, claim to be as tough as a boiled owl in a brawl but might leave your fuel gauge dropping faster than an elephant on a trampoline.


  • ponder on the type of driving you’ll be doing – Will it be harsh, uncompromising motorway miles or short and sweet city driving?
  • Certain wheel and tyre combos can improve driving dynamics for specific environments while adversely affecting another.

And while we’re here, let’s remind ourselves not to neglect our existing sets. Even top-quality tyres and wheels are made redundant if they’re not cared for. Regular tyre pressure checks, diligent rotation, and periodic alignments are as mandatory as a full 8 hours sleep after a heavy night out!

If all this titbits have your head whirling like a set of poorly balanced wheels, then head over to Unit–11. We’ve been in the business so long; we probably have tyre tread grooves etched into our palms. Our experienced team can guide you smoothly through the wheel and tyre upgrade process, ensuring you achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics, performance, and safety. And remember, we also offer top-notch post-care services using the market-leading Gtechniq ceramic coating and Suntek PPF, because as we always say, caring for your car is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And with that, we cross the finish line. Remember, folks – drive safe, and keep your wheels happy! Trust the crew at Unit–11, your road ride will appreciate it!

An image showing a person upgrading their car's wheels and tyres to enhance the vehicle's performance and appearance.

Soaking up knowledge about the diverse realm of tyres, their maintenance from regular checks to understanding the impact of tyre pressure, tread depth, alignment, and rotation on their lifespan, and the ability to upgrade hold the power to greatly enhance your vehicle’s performance and visual allure. Never underestimate the significant influence of tyre and wheel care on your vehicle’s quality and longevity. By mastering these points of tyre and wheel knowledge and care, you step into a more empowered position as a car enthusiast or hobbyist, able to make informed decisions to maximise your vehicle’s potential, not only improving its performance but also extending its lifespan significantly.