Written by : Unit--11 Team

Posted on : January 2, 2024

Preserve Your Classic Wheels: Maintenance Tips for Classic Cars

In the hallowed world of vintage motoring, where petrolheads roam, and history brims under the bonnets, it’s an unspoken decree to care for one’s classic motorcar with the craft of a doting gardener. Embodying a charm reminiscent of a cheerful chat ’round a pint at your friendly neighbourhood pub, this delightful discourse delves deep into the intricate art of preserving timeless car beauties. From bodywork maintenance, akin to ensuring your pint maintains that perfect head of foam, to heart rejuvenation lying in the detailed care of the engine, akin to the beloved bartender’s recommendation of a superb ale.

Bodywork Maintenance

“Shine and Preserve: Maintaining the Bodywork of your Classic Car”

There’s nothing quite like the sight of a classic motor, polished to a glistening shine, purring its way down the road. It’s a feat of art, history, and a testament to the skills of the craftspeople who have laboured away to keep it in peachy condition. But as with all masterpieces, the preservation and maintenance of the bodywork is crucial. With 30 years’ experience under its belt, Unit–11 has mastered the art and science of car care. Here, you get a sprinkle of wisdom from the trade’s best kept secrets.

Layer 1: The Bodywork Cleanup – Cleanliness is King

Before you can even think about treatments, your classic auto needs a thorough cleaning. Now, this isn’t just any ol’ wash down; a meticulous hand-wash with PH-neutral shampoo is the authentic, Unit–11 method. Forget the mechanical car wash, show your gleaming chariot some genuinely British elbow grease!

Layer 2: Iron and Tar Desecrater – Strip Away the Invisible Invaders

Next, you need to strip away the invisible nasties clinging to the bodywork. Unit–11 uses a combo of Iron and Tar Remover, which acts a bit like a welcoming British pub landlord at closing time – firmly, but politely, ensuring everyone exits promptly.

Layer 3: Clay Bar – A Good Old-fashioned Exfoliation

Think of the clay bar treatment like a hart-working gardener – raking over the soil, it pulls up and removes the tiniest contaminants. A smooth surface is essential to ensure the next layers adhere properly, just like how a cuppa is necessary for any well-functioning Brit.

Layer 4: Polish & Compound – The Showroom Shine

Now onto the polishing – possibly the most fulfilling part of car detailing. The simple action of buffing paintwork with a polishing compound whisks away the top layer of paint. It’s a rejuvenating elixir for your beloved ride, rather like a relaxing spa day.

Layer 5: Ceramic Coating – The Protective Shield

And last but by no means least, the application of Gtechniq Ceramic Coating. It seals up everything underneath, providing a hardy soldier, armed and ready to shield the bodywork from UV damage, pollutants, and bird droppings.

But wait! Unit–11 doesn’t stop there. For the ultimate protection, the crew applies Suntek Paint Protection Film, adding yet another layer of hard-as-nails defence to your precious roadster.

This, ladies and gents, is the purist’s guide to bodywork maintenance – from cleaning to shielding. All the secrets delivered, in true Unit–11 fashion, with top-quality professionalism dashed with a good bit of wit. For your ride to sport that continuous, fresh-from-the-showroom appearance, Unit–11 is the way to go. After all, doesn’t your classic deserve the best?

A classic car being cleaned and polished by a professional

Interior Restoration

The pleasures and privileges of owning a classic car are numerous, but so too are the responsibilities that come with it. Part of what makes a classic car truly shine is the dedication and time invested into maintaining the beauty, particularly the interior.

Let’s take a peek under the hood so to speak and delve into a few of Unit–11’s top tips for successful classic car interior restoration. Take heed and you’ll perhaps manage to step up your own game to near Unit–11 levels. We might be masters, but we don’t mind sharing a few trade secrets!

First and foremost, let’s chat about the dashboard. Time can have a jolly spiteful impact on a classic car dashboard, causing ridiculous amounts of cracking and fading. A dash of elbow grease and the right techniques, however, can bring it right back to its former glory. One would think of adopting a UV-protectant or high-quality leather conditioner, as it works wonders. We, at Unit–11, have fondness for Gtechniq’s versatile range of products for this job; they’re particularly good in maintaining leather, plastic and vinyl components.

Next on the agenda is your car seats. There’s no joy in sliding onto tatty upholstery, old chap! Just like your dashboard, seats can benefit from some love and care. If your seats are leather, regular application of a specially formulated leather cleaner and conditioner is absolutely paramount. For fabric seats, a high-quality upholstery cleaner combined with a deep vacuuming job will sort everything out nicely.

Steering wheel restoration is another area that requires some attention. The original steering wheel is poised to be a real eye-catcher in a classic car, provided it has been cared for properly. Exquisite restoration requires a series of processes ranging from stripping, refinishing, recasting, and stitching. It’s a time-consuming process that requires patience, but the result? Worth every blooming second.

Let’s not forget about the door panels. These can often undergo wild wear and tear over the years. Practical and aesthetic restoration, often involving some reincarnation with new materials like quality woods and metals, can truly elevate the overall appeal of your ride.

Last, but certainly not least, do remember the carpet. Classic car carpeting deserves a really good, deep clean, right into the fibres. A meticulous vacuum job, stain and spot cleaning, and professional treatment can provide a parade-worthy look.

Now, all this may seem a bit daunting, a tall order even, but it doesn’t have to be. Here at Unit–11, our team of master detailers and car restorers are ready and raring to help. With 30 years of experience helping classic cars retain their charisma, and our unwavering favouritism of top-notch products like Gtechniq ceramic coating and Suntek PPF, we’ve got your back. Remember, while secrets of the trade have been revealed, there are somethings best left to the professionals. So, pop by Unit–11 any time! We’re worth the detour!

A vintage classic car with a beautifully restored interior, showcasing a well-maintained dashboard, leather seats, restored steering wheel, elegant door panels, and clean carpet.

Engine Rejuvenation

Maintaining the exterior beauty of your classic car is one thing, but what about its snug little insides? The interior carries the tales of road trips past, and quite frankly, deserves a fair bit of love. At Unit–11, we believe that proper care for the interiors resonates with respect for the legacy of the vehicle.

A classic car dashboard is like an ageing star. It can lose some of its lustre but, unlike Hollywood, we aren’t looking for facelifts and botox. Here at Unit–11, we bear in mind the good-old-days ethos of restoration. Our goal is to restore the dashboard to its glory as per the era it hails from, with care to keep the original design intact. A little nip and tuck here and there, and voila! Your dashboard is navigating memory lane again.

Now let’s talk about the throne of your chariot – the seats. Leather or fabric, we’ve got you covered. Leather seats call for nourishing and revitalising balms to keep them soft and prevent cracking. For fabric seats, we use specialised cleaning agents to get rid of any stains or nasty niffs. We operate with the deft precision of a surgeon, so leave your worries at the door.

Steering wheels come in many styles, but they all have one thing in common- they weather and wear, just like the hands that have gripped them tightly over the years. No amount of twisting or turning should cause flaking or chipping. Our steering wheel restoration process involves meticulous cleaning, repairing any damage, and re-covering without compromising the original feel. After all, the wheel stands as a symbol of command and deserves nothing less.

Moving on to the doors, the gateway to the soul (seats) of your car. Door panels can endure quite a bit of bashing and mashing. Trust Unit–11 for a thorough restoration process that goes beyond a spit-and-polish job. In case you fancy an upgrade, rest easy. we can work miracles while keeping the soul of the original intact.

Got a case of grimy carpets? Hook us up. Our rigorous cleaning process ensures that your feet always grace the stage as clean as Aladdin’s magic carpet. As for that faithful floor mat that’s been underfoot, it leaves our care looking every inch worthy of a swanky shindig.

In our world, professional help doesn’t mean astronomical bills and headaches. Instead, it represents the guarantee of quality and precision in all your restoration projects. At Unit–11, we hold three decades of hard-won expertise in car care. With the backing of leading products like Gtechniq ceramic coating and Suntek PPF, we assure you of astoundingly good results.

Banishing classics to the barn in defeat? Not on our watch. Allow Unit–11 to breathe new life into your old beauty. Because in our world, there’s nothing quite like a classic distinguished by age and wisdom. So why just cruise when you can glide in glory? With Unit–11, make every journey a red carpet event.

Image of a classic car interior, showcasing its beauty and nostalgia

Use of Protective Films

Let’s shift gears now and tackle the topic of protective films. If you’ve already spent a substantial amount of time polishing, buffing, and meticulously applying a protective coat to your classic car’s bodywork, the last thing you’d want is a rock flinging into your flawless finish, causing a pesky dent or a dreaded chip. This is where suntek paint protection films (PPF) come into play.

Think of PPF like a bulletproof vest for your car – it’s an extra, almost invisible layer on top of the paintwork that helps to keep it looking showroom fresh. It takes the brunt of those unavoidable on-the-road indignities such as stone chips, scratches, and scrapes, that threatens the integrity of your car’s aesthetics.

The wonders of Suntek PPF go beyond its near invisibility and hardiness. Yes, it protects against the likes of chips and scratches, but it also has self-healing properties. A small scratch on the PPF, under the heat of the sun, will vanish right before your eyes. It’s not sorcery, it’s good old science, working to maintain your classic car’s youthful appearance.

One other noteworthy advantage that Suntek PPF offers is its UV resistance properties. While our Gtechniq Ceramic coating also provides some degree of UV protection, the addition of a PPF adds yet another moat of defence against those harmful rays.

Now, installing PPF isn’t a Sunday afternoon DIY project – leave the kettle in the kitchen for this one. It involves precise measurements, exact cuts, and a bubble-free application. Any mishaps during the installation can lead to an unsightly finish, completely defeating the purpose of its use.

This is where your trusty experts at Unit–11 step in – a team that combines 30 years of experience with modern-day best practices to deliver exquisite results. No creases, no bubbles, just seamless protection that allows the beauty of your vehicle’s paintwork to shine through.

As well as being approved applicators of the unrivalled Gtechniq Ceramic coating, we are also authorised installers of the amazing Suntek PPF. We won’t just slap it on either. We assess the unique needs and condition of your classic car, tailoring the application to provide maximum protection.

The use of protective films like Suntek PPF should be a part of your classic car’s preservation strategy not simply because we said so, but because you cherish your vintage motor as much as we do. A cherished car deserves nothing less than being wrapped in a near-invisible shield, to enjoy those idyllic open road adventures, without the fear of what rock, chip or scratch might be lurking around the corner.

At Unit–11, we revel in restoring cars to their former glory and preserving them for the enjoyment of future generations. Our application of Suntek PPF, in tandem with Gtechniq Ceramic Coating, offers peace of mind on the road. With us, your classic ride isn’t just a car; we treat it as a masterpiece on wheels. Now, isn’t it high time we took care of yours?

A protective film being applied to a car's bodywork.

Finishing Touches

The Marvels of Final Touches in Car Restorations: A Masterpiece in the Making

Everyone can appreciate the striking splendour of a flawlessly restored classic car. But what happens when the bodywork has regained its lustre, the interior smells like a brand-new vehicle and the bonnet gleams like a sunlit sea? The creation is beautiful, yes, but the masterpiece, believe it or not, is not yet finished.

Discover the art of the finale in a car restoration courtesy of experts from Unit–11. The subtle touches that elevate a car from “restored” to “resplendent” are achieved through an understanding of the car, and mastery over the tools. Using world leading car care products, with Gtechniq and Suntek Paint Protection Film (PPF), a remarkable transformation promises to astound you.

Turning into the homestretch of a comprehensive restoration process, one might reckon nothing is left to be done. There’s the importance of ensuring that the mechanical innards, though hidden from plain sight, radiate the same glory as the car’s surface. Unit–11 approaches this crucial stage of restoration with no less significance than the initial steps.

Engine components are scrupulously inspected, scrutinised and if need be, replaced. This ensures that your classic “rolls” as effortlessly as it did in its heyday. The extensive care exemplifies Unit–11’s attention to detail, employing meticulous methodology to deliver unforgettable outcomes.

Next, the car’s undercarriage and suspension systems get a full Unit–11 style makeover. From rectifying rust spots, reinforcing vulnerable areas, right through to a respray in the car’s original colour (or updating to a shade of your choice), it’s a thorough transformation beyond face-value.

The grand finale involves the wheels. Not just an aesthetic enhancement, our rumble with the rims ensures a smooth ride. Straightening, refinishing, and even re-chroming, Unit–11’s experts tend to every detail. When the wheels eventually reunite with the freshly restored body, it marks the culmination of an immersive process, driven by a team passionate about rejuvenating classic cars.

Let’s not forget the power of protection. The fitting of Suntek PPF gives your restoration that extra mileage by offering impenetrable resistance against scratches, chips and the detrimental effects of UV radiation. Seamlessly installed by skilled Unit–11 hands, this protective film boasts self-healing properties, prolonging your vehicle’s lustrous appeal.

The charm of a classic car is timeless. With Unit–11’s mastery in restoration, enshrined over 30 years and cemented with the use of leading products like Gtechniq and Suntek PPF, your classic car can keep heads turning for years to come.

Revive, restore and rev up, let the dedicated team at Unit–11 take the wheel to realise your classic car dreams. After all, that’s what it’s all about: the joy of a classic ride, the experience of legendary design, and the fulfilment of a perfectly restored masterpiece steering you forward. Let the trip begin – come aboard the Unit–11 restoration journey.

A beautifully restored classic car shining under the sunlight

So there you have it, good people, the end of our charming jaunt into the world of vintage car maintenance. It’s those scintillating ‘Finishing Touches’ akin to hanging just the right adornments on a Christmas tree that truly sets a classic car apart. With tips and techniques designed to give your beauty a dapper finish that even the Unit–11 boys would raise a toast to, there’s no doubt that your ride will be the envy of every vintage car enthusiast on the road. Giving your timeless beauty the treatment it truly deserves, after all, isn’t that what makes a classic motorcar lover’s heart truly tick?