Written by : Unit--11 Team

Posted on : December 24, 2023

Boost Your Car’s Worth: Essential Tips to Maintain Value

Maintaining the highest possible value of your car is an art that allows you to savour the pleasure of driving while still maximizing your investment. This journey of preservation requires a deep understanding of the vehicle’s essential maintenance practices. Most car enthusiasts and hobbyists understand that the value of their automobile extends beyond its monetary worth, and thus, ensuring meticulous upkeep is crucial. This essay aims to delve into the crux of car maintenance, touching base with key areas such as the importance of routine maintenance and the impact of delayed servicing. It further delves into interior care focusing on upholstery and odour control, exterior care with insights into paintwork and coatings, tyre and wheel care, and the judicious use of professional services, to help you revel in your car’s lingering brilliance and performance.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance & Key Areas to Focus

Have you ever asked yourself why your car starts looking lacklustre after the first few months of showroom shine? Well then, indulge us for a moment and allow the over three decade expertise of Unit–11 to give you a lowdown on regular maintenance and its crucial role in preserving your car’s value.

Imagine this (or perhaps you’ve experienced it): You’ve bought a beautiful, shiny new car. For a few months, it glows, it dazzles… it’s the apple of your eye. But as time ticks by, it gradually loses its lustre. What happened to that showroom shine?

Well, in the car care business, we call this the “fizzle-out effect.” (OK, we don’t call it that — we made it up just now. But it should be a thing, shouldn’t it?). The reality of the matter is that cars are like people: they get older, their skin gets worn, and they require maintenance.

The paints and coatings applied to the exteriors of cars are designed to protect against a barrage of harmful factors, but they aren’t everlasting. They need to be preserved, cared for, and refreshed regularly. I mean, you wouldn’t let your skin go weeks without a moisturizer, would you?

Without proper care, what happens to your car’s appearance is no less than tragic. The paintwork begins to dull and swirl marks begin to appear, which if left untreated can turn into scratches that go deep into the paint’s surface. The upshot of all this? A drop in your car’s market value when you decide to sell.

But fret not. That’s where Unit–11 sweeps in, like some sort of vehicular fairy godmother. We’ve got 30 years of quality car care experience under our belts. We play this car restoration game so well, it’s almost a cheat to compare us to others.

You see, we don’t just give your car a good old waxing. Oh no, we use Gtechniq car care products—some of the best in the business! We’re talking about ceramic coatings that protect your car’s exterior, ensuring that it continues to shine and stand out on the roads.

Whether it’s spraying, painting, polishing, or comprehensive restoration, our seasoned team of detailers has got their eyes on the mirrors and hands on the buffing machines. Upon leaving our workshop, your car re-enters the world with a protection far superior than when it rolled off the manufacturing line.

And, for those of you sporting an ultra-valuable vehicle, how does equipping your ride with Suntek Paint Protection Film (PPF) sound? This top-tier product is practically invisible and provides a mighty defense against road rash. You might just end up being tempted to thank every gravel truck you pass.

So, looking to preserve your car’s value? Of course you are, you savvy motorist. Regular maintenance, like a faithful sidekick, will never let you down. And as we wave our magic restoration wand over it, we guarantee that your car will keep its worth.

So, don’t let your ride languish in indifference; let Unit–11 give it the makeover it deserves. As the saying goes, you can’t put a price on experience—even if that experience includes making up totally unsubstantiated terms like “fizzle-out effect.”

A car being polished and waxed by a professional detailing technician.

Interior Care: Upholstery Cleaning & Odor control

The rich aroma of a brand new car – it’s something to cherish, isn’t it? But what’s even more indulgent is keeping that scent, and interior freshness, intact through the years! Proper interior care is not just about wafting that new car smell evergreen; it massively sways your car’s market value too.

Take it from the nuanced experience of Unit–11, the trailblazing vehicle detailing brand based in the UK. Over the last 30 years, they’ve mastered the art of car care and restoration. They understand that meticulousness is key when it comes to maintaining a vehicle’s visual and olfactory appeal – and ultimately, its worth!

When the upholstery of a car is cared for with expertise and dedication, it can deter the wear and tear that normally decreases a vehicle’s market value. Cleaning the upholstery, treating leather seats, shampooing carpets – these are integral to keeping the cabin looking its best, just like the day it drove out of the dealership. And hey, don’t ignore those unseen culprits hiding under the mats or between the seats. Yes, they ooze strange odours over time!

And here comes the quintessential role of odour control in maintaining a car’s value. Much like a stinky house can deter potential buyers, a smelly car won’t attract eager, check-wielding prospects. Smells originating from mould, mildew or unpleasant residues can become stubborn and offensive. They can really hurt your car’s resale value – compelling car buyers to stick their noses up (literally, perhaps!).

So, you see, meticulously addressing the internals isn’t absurd overkill– it’s an investment in your portfolio! And for such a job, you need the best hands on the tools. This is where Unit–11 step on the gas with their indisputable authority in upholstering and odour control.

Employing high-grade Gtechniq car care products, this delightful team of expert detailers ensures longevity and freshness like no other. Unit–11 also uses Suntek PPF for their customers’ prized possessions, protecting the exterior and keeping the sparkle intact.

While you’re enjoying this pun-tastic journey into car care education, remember, a well-maintained car not only feels good under your touch, it significantly ups your bargaining power when it’s time to trade it in. So, why skip the perks of an investment so rewarding?

Trust your vehicle to the creatively comic, yet astoundingly professional team of Unit–11. They’ll not only arm your ride against the rages of time but also pack in bucket loads of laughs along the way.

With their profound experience, Unit–11 don’t just promise, they over-deliver – and have done for over 30 years. Now that’s what we call putting your car’s well-being in safe hands! Prepare to be amazed, and maybe even chuckle a bit, as Unit–11 drives your car’s value all the way up!

Illustration of a person cleaning the interior of a car with various tools.

Exterior Care: Paintwork and Coating upkeep

“Caring for your motor’s exterior befits Sherlock Holmes himself; a game of intellect with a dash of elbow-grease. Your car’s skin exterior is not merely an aesthetic charm; it’s the protective sentinel keeping the grit and grind of British roads at bay – an unheralded hero in the frontline of automotive preservation. As maestros in the symphony of auto-detailing, Unit–11 guides you with over three decades of high note experience in this delicate sonata of preservation.

Let’s start with a simple truth: ‘cleanliness is next to Godliness‘, and that’s science, not a sermon. Meticulous cleansing is the first step. The skin of your vehicle is constantly under assault. Tree sap, bird droppings, petrol fumes – they’re natural enough, but chemistry isn’t sentimental. These innocent agents corrupt your car’s paintwork, initiating a slow but certain erosion. Therefore, regular car cleansing isn’t an option; it’s an obligation.

Now, the tools of the trade. Unit–11 is proud to wave the Gtechniq flag. These gadgets are not only an affirmation of top-grade quality but also a tribute to the scientific genius in car care! Picture a microscopic army of highly skilled soldiers, ensuring unmatched cleanliness, and polishing your auto’s armour to reflect the British sun with spotless perfection. That’s Gtechniq for you, harnessed by Unit–11 since our murky inception some 30 years ago.

And for scars that run deeper than a wise polish can heal – we present an assured solution: restoration. A term often bandied about, but when uttered in the hallowed halls of Unit–11, restoration takes on a slightly mystical aura. Our artisans – a crew of committed craftspeople – guide through paintwork restoration, reviving your car to showroom condition with a dash of masterclass hocus-pocus only three decades in the business can achieve.

We have also partnered with Suntek, purveyors of Paint Protection Film (PPF), that invisible shield augmenting your vehicle’s resilience while hiding unbecomingly in plain sight. Suntek’s PPF helps maintain your car’s market value and gift you an extra peaceful night’s sleep.

Remember when granny used to say, ‘Respect your belongings, and they’ll respect you back?‘ She wasn’t just rambling. Regular auto care amplifies its lifespan, as well as resale value. Trust us with this. It’s not just a fact; it’s a doctrine, a creed we’ve sworn by at Unit–11, and we invite you to do the same.

Alright, chums. Jigs up. We think it’s time for you to consider treating your car right and get it to the maestros who know best. Your car deserves a reliable partner for its upkeep, and Unit–11 is that reliable, award-winning, time-tested partner. With our seasoned expertise, cutting-edge technology and old world charm, we’re all set to revolutionize your car’s care – like only a true British gentleman can!”

A professional technician carefully cleaning a car's exterior, showcasing the importance of car care.

Tyre & Wheel Care: Maintaining Performance & Aesthetics

The Importance of Proper Care of Tyres and Wheels

Gliding down the motorway, wind whipping through your hair, that’s the dream, isn’t it? But even the dreamiest of cars can become a nightmare if not properly looked after, and that includes every inch from bonnet to boot, rim to roof. And while we’ve already talked the talk on paintwork, restoration and the wonders of Gtechniq and Suntek, there’s a crucial part of your car care routine we haven’t touched upon yet – the tyres and wheels.

Sure, they may not seem the most glamorous, but by George, they’re vital. Think of them as the shoes of your car; a good pair can transform an outfit, well, an under-cared-for pair… let’s just say it won’t go unnoticed.

Rim and tyre care contribute substantially in preserving a car’s value. It goes beyond just aesthetics. Decently maintained tyres improve the vehicle’s performance by reducing the rolling resistance, which, in turn, improves fuel efficiency. If that’s not a win-win, what is?

So, how do we go about it? Cue – Unit–11’s exceptionally trained crew specialising in proper tyre and wheel care. And if you’re imagining them wrestling with a dirty rag, think again. In true Unit–11 style, we’re talking state-of-the-art machinery, industry-leading products and, of course, a dash of that good old fashioned know-how we’ve been doling out for over 30 years.

Tyres and wheels are exposed to various contaminants daily – from brake dust and grime to more damaging elements like corrosives from road salt and acid rain. Regular professional cleansing, conditioning, and careful application of coating products can protect and prolong their lifespan, keeping them in top-line condition.

Trust Unit–11 to leverage only the industry’s best products such as Gtechniq for your tyres and wheels. Thanks to their scientifically tested and proven formulations, you can expect unrivalled protection against harsh elements and easy maintenance.

Caring about the entire wheels, not just the tyres but also the alloys and rims is equally important to maintain your car’s overall shine. In, out and all-around – that’s our mantra here at Unit–11.

There you go, and who said tyres were a bore? With benefits including everything from aesthetic appeal and fuel efficiency to a steep hike during resale, what’s there to lose?

So come over, let’s make your tyres and wheels turn heads. Hand over the keys and watch us get to work. Unit–11 – we’re driven by excellence. And we’ve still got plenty of tricks up our sleeves. After all, in a world of car care, you want the best, and that’s exactly what we’ve got.

Now, shall we talk about Suntek PPF for those alloys?

Image of properly maintained tyres and wheels.

Utilising Professional Services: When to Call in the Experts

Importance of acquiring professional tyre and wheel care services

Conclusion: Call for consumers to trust in the seasoned expertise of Unit–11.

How often have you looked at your car and thought “why are my wheels looking a bit worn out?” Or maybe you’ve wondered why your tyres don’t sparkle like they used to. Well, I’ll spill the beans! Just like those sparkling shoes that complete a stylish outfit, the tyres and wheels of your car make an essential contribution to your vehicle’s overall appearance and performance. And just like those shoes, your car’s tyres and wheels require regular care and attention.

Enter the detailing professionals at Unit–11.

Their crew aren’t just car care experts, they’re that neighbourhood superhero for your automobile! With over 30 years of experience in dealing with all kinds of car care issues, they’ve seen it all. They know precisely what your car needs and when it needs it, especially when it comes to wheel and tyre care.

From scuffs on your alloys to stubborn stains on your tyres due to road tar, brake dust or other contaminants, the experienced team at Unit–11 have the knowledge and expertise to address them. They use state of the art Gtechniq cleaning and protective solutions, which were developed with a wealth of vehicular experiences etched in the brand’s DNA.

A well-maintained set of tyres and wheels don’t only make your car look spectacular but also impact its performance. The proper care and conditioning of your tyres can increase your car’s fuel efficiency and even bolster its longevity. Furthermore, pristine tyres and wheels increase your motor’s overall value, which can really pay dividends if you plan on parting ways with it in the future.

Let’s not forget your alloys and rims. They too add a dash of charm to your beloved four-wheeler. Suntek PPF, or Paint Protection Film, provides a protective barrier for alloys, defending against scratches and scrapes. Its invisible look ensures that the aesthetic construct of your wheels isn’t compromised.

Sure, these are all tasks you could possibly handle yourself, but wouldn’t you rather enjoy your Sunday morning with a nice cuppa, knowing your car is being pampered by professionals? With Unit–11’s commitment to over-delivering, you can rest assured your investment is being treated with the care it deserves.

So, next time you are giving your car a once-over and notice that its wheels and tyres aren’t as sprightly as they used to be, remember that Unit–11 has got your back, providing bespoke services tailored to your needs to ensure your vehicle remains in its prime. It’s more than just about giving your car that showroom finish – it’s about preserving its value and performance over time.

So really, the only question remaining is – when are you visiting Unit–11 for your car’s well-deserved spa day? Don’t forget to tell ‘em I sent you. Happy motoring!

A close-up image of a polished tyre and shiny wheel, reflecting the sunlight.

Taking care of your car to maintain its value indeed helps to keep it in peak condition, and it’s assuredly an enjoyable pursuit for an automobile enthusiast. Delving into the nitty-gritty of car maintenance can give a huge boost in preserving your car’s overall value. This could range from regular maintenance checks, diligent interior and exterior care to looking after your tyres and wheels. More than anything, it’s about the pride of ownership, the joy you derive from your car appearing and functioning in its prime state. Also, knowing when to elicit professional help, who could offer specialised services like Suntek PPF and detailing, is seamless wisdom. In the end, the time and effort you invest in maintaining your car reflect in its gleaming exterior, flawless interior and impeccable performance; further amplifying its value. Let your car be a topic of admiration on road and the object of your pride in your garage by adhering to these valuable maintenance protocols.