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Ceramic Coatings are the #1 way to keep your car shining and save time washing your car, throughout the years. Get a quick and easy quote with Kent’s Newest Detailing Studio.

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Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4
Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a glossy, hardened layer of liquid ceramic that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to protect it whilst enhancing its shine.

People love it because it provides incredible long lasting protection, keeps your car looking showroom new with little to zero effort, maintains your cars value. Whilst giving your paintwork an incredible glossy finish.

It also has beading technology, meaning any water or other harmful contaminates just beads off the paintwork.

Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

get £150 OFF Our Range Of Ceramic Coating Packages (Limited Time)

As a base package, all of our ceramic coatings include a paintwork enhancement polishing to help restore your paintwork, and remove swirl marks & imperfections.

This preperation before the paintwork is perfect for most vehicles on the road, aged between 1-5 years. During the process, the paintwork is enhanced by deep cleansing, clayed and thickness readings taken. A two stage machine polish is done using a combination of medium and ultra fine polishes to restore it’s natural colour.

If you require more or less polishing, we can modify your packages accordingly. 

Paintwork Enhancement +

5 Year Guarantee Crystal Serum Light* Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

From £1,165-1,735 *depending on vehicle size

Paintwork Enhancement +

9 Year Guarantee Crystal Serum Ultra* Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

From £1,230-1,900 *depending on vehicle size

why you'll love ceramic coating

Transform Your Car's Appearance Back To Showroom Condition

With our range of ceramic coating packages, we promise to transform your car into a masterpiece that catches everyone’s attention, no matter where you go. 

Once we’ve clean, enhanced & protected your pride & joy, your car will have a glossy mirror-like finish for years to come.

employee of the car detailing studio protects the car body with a protective film

Never Wax Again - Experience Effortless Maintenance

Tired of spending countless hours waxing and polishing your car? 

Our ceramic coating eliminates the need for frequent and laborious maintenance.

Enjoy a hassle-free ownership experience, as our coating creates a protective barrier that repels dirt, dust, and stains. 

Spend less time cleaning and more time driving care-free.

Preserve Your Investment – Maintain Value

Protecting your car’s exterior goes beyond mere aesthetics. 

You’re not only enhancing its visual appeal but also preserving its resale value when the time comes. 

Shield your investment from scratches, fading, and environmental damage, ensuring that your vehicle maintains its value for years to come.

Car service worker applying nano coating on a car detail.
Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

The Protection It Deserves

Experience a transformation that leaves your car looking better than off a production line.

Reignite the passion for your vehicle and rediscover its beauty. 

Our ceramic coating package goes beyond ordinary detailing.  

Fall in love with the sleekness, depth, and brilliance of a professionally coated car.

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As a team of dedicated professionals, we blend artistry, innovation, and precision to deliver unparalleled results for your vehicle. 

Each member of our crew brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for all things automotive, ensuring your car is in the hands of true enthusiasts and experts. 

We pride ourselves on our friendly, approachable, professional service. 

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Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our most frequently asked questions.

Our range of packages come with varied warranty periods for the coating. Speak with one of our team on choosing the right option for you and your car.

Regardless of hue or finish, ceramic coating is a flexible option that works with all car paintwork colours. Whatever colour your car might be—bright red, glossy black, gleaming silver, or any other colour imaginable—ceramic coating can enhance its look and offer exceptional protection.

Once applied, it creates a undetectable ultra-thin layer that sticks to the paint’s surface. This means your car’s original shade and finish are still present. But rather ceramic coating improves the paintwork’s depth, gloss, and overall vitality.

Ceramic coating adjusts to the natural colour regardless of your car’s glossy finish, metallic glitter, matte look, or even bespoke painting. It maximises the paint colour of your car to its fullest potential.

Although it is possible to apply ceramic coating yourself, we strongly encourage you to consider a professional to get the best results. Avoid wasted money and time.

A ceramic coating installers knowledge ensures correct application along with appropriate surface preparation, setting the foundations for a perfect and durable finish.

When preparing your car for the best coating, our experts use specialised techniques and have in-depth product knowledge. By trust our team of experts, you can enjoy an incredible results that last for an extended period of time, whilst also having great customer service.

Although ceramic coating cannot ensure 100% scratch resistance, it greatly minimises the likelihood of scratches and provides an additional layer of protection for the surface of your car.

The lasting ceramic coating creates a solid barrier that protects against small abrasions and normal wear and tear.

The possibility of scratches getting into the real paintwork is reduced since it creates a protective barrier that absorbs the impact. It’s crucial to remember that severe or deep scratches may still pierce the paintwork.

Your car will look brand new if you offer it regular maintenance and treat it carefully.


No. Ceramic coating is an incredible option for both new and older cars.

Ceramic coating works wonders on all types of vehicles. Whether you want to keep the showroom shine of your brand-new car or restore the appearance of your loved used car.

Regardless of how old a vehicle is, ceramic coating protects it against harmful contaminants from the environment, ultraviolet (UV) rays, oxidation, and other components.When we first work on your vehicle, we help enhance and correct the finish of your paintwork to a near new condition.

Watch the transformation as ceramic coating restores your car’s shine while making it appear like it just came off the production line.

The ceramic coating is not just for your car’s paintwork. It can be applied on an array of surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, and wheels.

You can completely protect your entire vehicle by adding these areas to the ceramic coating’s application.

A barrier that guards against environmental pollutants, grit from the road, brake dust, and other factors is formed when the coating forms into a strong link with each surface.

This guarantees that your wheels stay cleaner for a longer period of the years, your glass maintains greater clarity, and the aesthetic of your plastic trimmings is maintained. Protect all of your car’s surfaces so you can enjoy all the advantages of ceramic coating.

Actually, no! The minimal maintenance requirements of ceramic coating are one of its notable qualities.

Cleaning with a mild automotive shampoo and a microfiber cloth is all that is needed to maintain the perfect appearance of your car after application ceramic coating.

Cleaning your car is made easier by the hydrophobic qualities of the coating, which resist dirt, water, and pollutants.

Ceramic coating doesn’t require regular reapplication or specialised maintenance, unlike traditional waxes or sealants.

However, it’s always a good idea to stay away from abrasive cleaning agents and strong chemicals that may jeopardise the integrity of the coating. You can easily maintain your ceramic-coated car’s long-lasting protection and spectacular beauty by adhering to these basic maintenance procedures.

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Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

Paint Protection Film

There is simply no better way to provide scratch resistance to your paint work. Self-healing, invisible and durable; PPF is our choice to protect perfect paintwork time and time again.

Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

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Ceramic Coating £150 OFF LP #4

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